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  1. Too much time is spent in your country developing the mind Develop the heart

    His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama

  2. Try and live each day in a way that you don't lose yourself

    Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh

The Work

Returning Peace

The 21st century has been a time of amazing technological breakthroughs, huge leaps in scientific understanding and advancements in human society. More and more, we are confronted with a need to move forward and achieve, to keep up with and adapt to a radically changing world. 
Simultaneously, more than ever our humanness is breaching the surface.
Addiction, depression, burn-out, and stress are running rampant, setting a new precedent as they climb to all-time highs across the world. As the human need increases, we are seeing that companies, schools, and even families are looking for new methods to resolve their problems,
return to their inner balance, and reclaim a forgotten peace.
 After over a decade of studying and practicing the skills of mindfulness, meditation, and emotional understanding, Seth Monk has gained a personal foothold in the ever evolving scientifically-backed field of personal wellness through meditative practices. Monastic training, rigorous retreats, and years of inner reflection, brought him to a place where he is able and ready to share his gifts for supporting others.
Returning Peace is a personally run organization, catering to the needs of schools, businesses, hospitals, and private clients that are searching for methods to deal with stress and dis-ease through the teachings of clarity, kindness, and peace.
Please take a look around.
May you find your peace.
Foundations of Peace
Administation workshops and consulting
Building a lasting peace
Meditation Services
Classroom Menu
Seeds of Peace
Student meditation workshops and classes
Bringing peace to the community
Keeping the Peace
Faculty meditation workshops and training
Creating peace together 
Foundations of Peace is geared towards administrators and those in leadership positions who wish to build a meditation and mindfulness program in their schools.
This offer would be an ongoing consultation in which we would work together, looking at the visions and goals of the school and develop a program by which meditation and mindfulness can be incorporated in a more fundamental way. There would be an experimental aspect to this where we would brainstorm, test the waters, meet with faculty, gather feedback, and possibly even assemble a student action group to fully undertake the process of change from within.  
Benefits: Guidance from an expert in mindfulness and meditation as well as a former monastic community leader who is trained in brining peaceful practices into groups and daily life situations. 
Seeds of Peace involves direct sessions with the student population. It will give students the tools of mindfulness and meditation, complimented by an understanding of the mind, that will allow them to find relaxation and clarity in their daily lives. 
Different versions of this can include:
  • A single class session where students will engage in a discussion about the need for mindfulnes and meditation in their lives followed by a guided meditation in which students experientially recieve the tools they need to engage in individual practice.
  • A class on Buddhism where students will learn about the methods to peace and understandings of the mind in the Buddhist context with a Q&A session from a former Buddhist monk 
  • An afterschool program where students meet weekly/monthly to meditate together and share about their experiences.
  • A customized program to fit your needs
Benefits: Improved mental and emotional health, learned tools for de-stressing and mental relaxation, inner rejuvenation and re-centering, a heightened feeling of belonging.
Keeping the Peace is a faculty oriented program that aims to both bring the staff into a place of relaxation during the day and also imbues them with the understandings necessary to lead students in meditations in their own classrooms. 
Different versions of this can include:
  • A single meditation workshop where faculty members sit and learn about causes of stress and the path to alleviation. Group discussions and guided meditations will also be included in the workshop. 
  • Professional development opportunities which could include a large guided meditation or a presence in discussions regarding meditation and mindfulness in schools.
  •  A 6-week meditation program where faculty members meet once a week for a group sitting. Through multiple meditation sessions, participants will  become familiar with a peaceful and relaxed state, which encourages a movement away from stress in daily life situations.  
  • A customized program to fit your needs
Benefits: Continued relaxation and de-stressing impulses, A learned mental/emotional adeptness, An increased feeling of support and well-being, connection to oneself and to other participants, potential ability to lead meditations oneself.
Path to Peace
​To meet the various specific needs of clients, private spiritual and emotional guidance work is also available with Seth Monk through individual appointment.

After almost a decade of work in communities, with families, and individual guidance, Seth Monk brings a unique background of experience matched with openness and wisdom he has gleaned special skill in guiding clients through meditative and emotional processes.

Whether over Skype or in-person, through a one-time consultation or a monthly correspondance, Seth Monk can share with your tools to address, manage, heal and deal with your heart and mind.
About Seth
Seth Monk was born and raised in Andover, Massachusetts. At the age of 18, he became a disciple of a Vietnamese Zen Master and began practicing meditation formally. After graduating from University, Seth travelled to Germany where, in 2005, he ordained as a Buddhist monk and lived for 8 years in a monastery.

During his ordained years, he worked in a Chinese Medicine clinic and began guiding students in their spiritual practice. Over the years, Seth started teaching prolifically, he founded various meditation groups, led retreats around the world, and was able to practice with some of the famous Buddhist masters of our time, including His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama, Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, Tenzin Palmo, and Ajahn Brahm. 

After leaving the monastery in 2014, Seth travelled to India where he continued his training in various monasteries, mountains, caves, and holy sites, before retreating to a Forest monastery in Perth, Australia.
Upon returning to America, Seth began responding to the social and emotional needs of students, treating stress and behavioral problems directly through dialogue and leading guided meditation in the classroom. He began teaching in various schools, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in the Andover Public School system, sharing his knowledge and the practices he spent the last decade of his last cultivating.

This path led to Seth founding Returning Peace, an initiative that trains students and faculty to integrate meditative practices into their daily lives.
Seth's Journey
  1. Seth Monk
    Seth Monk
    Buddhist Higher Ordination - France
  2. School Classes
    School Classes
    Teaching religion classes -Germany
  3. Monastery Life
    Monastery Life
    Working in the monastery kitchen - Germany
  4. Forest Meditation
    Forest Meditation
    Practice the meditative arts - Germany
  5. Youth Retreats
    Youth Retreats
    Leading a youth retreat - Germany
  6. Peace Walks
    Peace Walks
    Leading a 5-day walking retreat -Frankfurt, Germany
  7. Brain Test
    Brain Test
    Tests on the meditative mind at the Max Planck Institute -Germany
  8. His Holiness
    His Holiness
    A meeting with His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama -Paris, France
  9. NYC
    Teaching a week night crowd -New York City
  10. Tibet
    Traveling through Asia -Tibet
  11. Cave
    A personal retreat in a cave -Sikkim, India
  12. Tiru
    Climbing a holy mountain -Tiruvannamalai, South India
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